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This is only a minute amount of what is available on the government website. The links below
lead to many other areas of additional help and support.

Unlike the wording of the title, not "everything" is included else there would not be room for the
Newsletter and Parish Events. However, all the links open a treasure of useful services that not
all people know existed.

Click any of the underlined links below to open the page of your choice.


Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support

Please Note: The information published here is changed very frequently by the government.

Some links may no longer be active because of such updates and amendments.

Services and information:

Births, deaths, marriages and care
Business and self-employed
Childcare and parenting
Citizenship and living in the UK
Crime, justice and the law
Disabled people
Driving and transport
Education and learning
Employing people
Environment and countryside
Housing and local services
Money and tax
Passports, travel and living abroad
Visas and immigration
Working, jobs and pensions

Departments and policies:

How government works
Guidance and regulation
News and communications
Research and statistics
Policy papers and consultations
Transparency and freedom of information releases

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