Fred Wilkes RIP, David Rowe RIP, Mark Wood RIP, Peter Blackwell RIP, Anne De Susa RIP, Connie Coombs RIP, Michael Joseph Hytch RIP, John Pountney RIP, Doreen Maddin RIP, Pauline Cashmore RIP, John Olirynk RIP, Patrick Duffy RIP, Ron Mason RIP, Mgr Lewis McRaye RIP, Tania Jones RIP, Brenda Timmins RIP, Winnie Wasdell RIP, Eamon Friel RIP, Rita Walters RIP, Mary Davenport RIP, Jean Green RIP, Sheila Hinds RIP, Ray Todd RIP, Bernadette Pugh RIP, Brian Derry RIP, Dermott Smith RIP, Walter Davis RIP, Cynthia Broster RIP, Gerard Mee RIP, Michael Weaver RIP, Ben Parker RIP, Ken Lee RIP, Margaret Russell RIP, Eileen Harris RIP, Arthur Griffiths RIP, Malcolm Perry RIP, Graham John Newcomb RIP, Mary Morgan RIP, Margaret Rushbury RIP, Joan Walker RIP, Kevin Whitehouse RIP, Vince Cartwright RIP, Betty Dick RIP, Graham Parker RIP, Mary Christine Worthington RIP, Sally Bate RIP, Terrance David Hyde RIP, Irene Grimes RIP, Frank Fox RIP, May Rodway RIP, Christine Meek RIP, Brenda Davis RIP, Megan Ilidge RIP,  Mona Mason RIP, Marge Ward RIP, Timothy Shee RIP; Monique Lyons RIP, Rosanna O’Driscoll RIP, Lucy Hale RIP, Jill Shaw RIP, Pat Watton RIP, Bernard Hegarty RIP, Emma Davaney RIP, Arthur John Hickman RIP, Rita Griffiths RIP, Diane Hill RIP, Ron Presland RIP, John Fletcher RIP, Donna Garland RIP, Margaret Elizabeth Price RIP, Enid Greaney RIP, Donald Greaney RIP, Beryl Bennett RIP, Paul Richards RIP, Joanne Elizabeth Wooldridge RIP, Gerry Southall RIP, Pat Hodgson RIP, Alexandrina Nathaniel RIP; Baby Belle RIP; Rev. Fr Geoffrey Hargreaves RIP, Helen Flynn RIP, Cyril Raybould RIP, Clive Machin RIP, Baby Elliot Davis RIP, Bethany Pearce RIP, Edward Flavell RIP; Millicent Seed RIP, Frank Ward RIP, Valerie Clarke RIP, Margaret Carr RIP, Doug Woods RIP, Hazel Westwood RIP, William Monckton RIP, William Kenneth Presley RIP, Alan Edward Turner RIP, Edna Lenora Aherne RIP,  Lee Kevin Hobbs RIP, Michael Abbiss RIP, Melu Ram RIP,  Dorothy Margaret Duffy RIP, Lee Joseph Hegarty RIP, Mary Ellen McCallister RIP, Kelvin Morris RIP,  Harold William Davies RIP Rose Caddick RIP, James Alphonsis Carr RIP,  Beryl Jones RIP, Betty Knowles RIP, Doreen Harper RIP, William Roper RIP, Deacon Jim Fantham RIP, Harold Dixon RIP, Mary Harris RIP, Jozef Guziel RIP, Don Courten RIP, Bridie Bonner RIP, Jean Morgan RIP, George Patrick Thompson RIP, Patricia Mary Todd RIP,  Danny Jaurez-Green RIP, Thomas Jeffery Attwood RIP, Joan Agnes Fereday RIP, Pauline Gutteridge RIP, Ann Ball RIP, Joyce Southall RIP, Sheila Betteridge RIP, Dennis Garland RIP, Kenneth John Marsden RIP, Frances Eley RIP, John Birch RIP, Bernard Broster RIP, Judy McGuirk RIP. Margaret White RIP, Alan Brookes RIP, Garifalia Maria Spiteri RIP, Mary Harvey RIP, George Evans RIP.

We pray for those with Funerals

and offer our prayers for those who are left to grieve

May the Merciful Heart of Jesus comfort you




Alan Brookes RIP                
Alan Edward Turner RIP
Alexandrina Nathaniel RIP
Ann Ball RIP
Anne De Susa RIP

Arthur Griffiths RIP
Arthur John Hickman RIP               


Baby Belle RIP
Baby Elliot Davis RIP
Ben Parker RIP
Bernadette Pugh RIP
Bernard Broster RIP
Bernard Hegarty RIP
Beryl Bennett RIP
Beryl Jones RIP

Bethany Pearce RIP
Betty Dick RIP
Betty Knowles RIP
Brian Derry RIP
Brenda Davis RIP

Brenda Timmins RIP
Bridie Bonner RIP


Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor RIP
Catherine Bridget Flavell RIP
Christine Meek RIP
Clive Machin RIP
Connie Coombs RIP

Cynthia Broster RIP
Cyril Raybould RIP


Danny Jaurez-Green RIP
David Rowe RIP

Deacon Jim Fantham RIP
Dennis Garland RIP
Dermott Smith RIP

Diane Hill RIP
Don Courten RIP
Donald Greaney RIP
Donna Garland RIP
Doreen Harper RIP
Doreen Maddin RIP
Dorothy Margaret Duffy RIP
Doug Woods RIP


Eamon Friel RIP
Edna Lenora Aherne RIP
Edward Flavell RIP
Eileen Harris RIP

Emma Davaney RIP
Enid Greaney RIP


Fr Eugene Dolan RIP
Frances Eley RIP
Frank Ward RIP
Frank Fox RIP
Fred Wilkes RIP


Garifalia Maria Spiteri RIP
George Evans RIP
George Patrick Thompson RIP
Gerard Mee RIP
Gerry Southall RIP
Graham John Newcomb RIP

Graham Parker RIP


Harold Dixon RIP
Harold William Davies RIP
Harry Southall RIP
Hazel Westwood RIP
Helen Flynn RIP

Irene Grimes RIP

James Alphonsis Carr RIP
Jean Green RIP

Jean Morgan RIP
Jill Shaw RIP
Joan Agnes Fereday RIP
Joan Cox RIP

Joan Walker RIP
Joanne E Wooldridge RIP

John Birch RIP
John Fletcher RIP

John Olirynk RIP
John Pountney RIP

Joyce Southall RIP
Jozef Guziel RIP
Judy McGuirk RIP


Kelvin Morris RIP
Ken Lee RIP
Kenneth John Marsden RIP

Kevin Whitehouse RIP


Lee Joseph Hegarty RIP
Lee Kevin Hobbs RIP
Lucy Hale RIP


Malcolm Perry RIP
Margaret Carr RIP
Margaret Elizabeth Price RIP
Margaret Rushbury RIP
Margaret Russell RIP

Margaret White RIP
Marge Ward RIP

Mark Wood RIP
Mary Christine Worthington RIP
Mary Davenport RIP,
Mary Ellen McCallister RIP
Mary Harris RIP
Mary Harvey RIP
Mary Morgan RIP
May Rodway RIP

Megan Illidge RIP
Melu Ram RIP
Mgr Lewis McRaye RIP
Michael Abbiss RIP
Michael Joseph Hytch RIP
Michael Weaver RIP
Millicent Seed RIP

Mona Mason RIP
Monique Lyons RIP


Pat Gilchrist RIP
Pat Hodgson RIP
Pat Watton RIP
Patricia Mary Todd RIP

Patrick Duffy RIP
Paul Richards RIP
Pauline Cashmore RIP
Pauline Gutteridge RIP
Peter Blackwell RIP


Ray Todd RIP
Rev Fr Pat Joseph O’Sullivan RIP
Rev Fr Geoffrey Hargreaves RIP
Rita Griffiths RIP
Rita Walters RIP
Ron Mason RIP
Ron Presland RIP
Rosanna O’Driscoll RIP
Rose Caddick RIP


Sheila Betteridge RIP
Sally Bate RIP
Sheila Hinds RIP
Steve Richards RIP


Tania Jones RIP
Thomas Jeffery Attwood RIP
Timothy Shee RIP
Terrence David Hyde RIP


Valerie Clarke RIP
Vince Cartwright RIP


Walter Davis RIP
William Kenneth Presley RIP
William Monckton RIP
William Roper RIP
Winnie Wasdell RIP


First Anniversary Remembrances

We remember our departed loved ones whose First Anniversary occur around this time.
Each month a list of their names will be placed on the Lectern in front of the
Sacred Heart statue at St Chad’s and 
the St Anthony statue at St Peter’s
for Quiet Reflection.

May They Rest In Peace