We have had a website for over five years. However, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) we used up until January 2017 announced a steep price increase for its services so we moved to another ISP  → "Church Edit".

Our current website  -  www.rcsedgley.com  -  is now hosted by Church Edit.

Following a rapid redesigning of our website, we launched the current new look on Friday 14 April 2017.  Despite being only a very very small website  (compared with the likes of google or yahoo!)  we have had well over 6,500 individual visitors since our launch.

This is an excellent set of statistics as it shows that parishioners, friends and visitors access our website regularly at a rate of  around 25 daily visits or around 700 monthly on average.

Our ISP, Church Edit, maintains a good record of statistics, which may be accessed by all who might be interested.

Click on the image below to take a look:

Click for our website statistics